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Kate Iwi speaks on Parentchannel.tv

Parentchannel.tv presents a series of videos discussing parenting issues. You can search by age or by topic and they include tips and advice on a whole raft of topics dealing with normal behaviour and expectations, through all the possible questions you can think of, and also importantly – from our point of view – aggression in the home. This five minute video, produced by Family Lives, is presented by Kate Iwi, of Respect, and looks “into the factors that can cause a teen to become threatening in the home and the signs that things are going too far, with tips on how to take control of the situation” Continue reading

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Family Lives 2011 report

Family Lives (formally Parentline Plus) released an update to their 2010 report: When Family Life Hurts: Family Experience of Aggression in Children’ in November this year. They demonstrate an increase in calls to their helpline regarding children’s aggressive behaviour, and are greatly concerned that only 56% reported having sought help with this. Continue reading

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Was it ever thus?

I still have a clear memory from my university days, of a particularly inspiring lecture on the work of Geoffrey Pearson, into the ways we continually perceive young people to be behaving worse now than ever. It comes to mind whenever I am asked whether the problem of parent abuse is either new, or increasing in frequency and severity. We can hark right back to ancient Greek philosophers or Shakespeare for examples of young people disrespecting the elders, but it’s probably fair to say that the new-found awareness dates from around the 1980s, with various attempts since then to quantify the amount, and to understand the causes, of teenage violence to parents. Continue reading

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