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Bookings now open for the next NVR Northampton NVR – ‘Beginner’s Mind’ group starting in January. No prior knowledge of NVR is necessary, just curiosity and willingness to explore a new way of approaching troubling behaviours.Thurs



More details and booking here.


Child and Adolescent Violence Towards Grandparent Kinship Carers: Research Findings and Implications for Pracitce

Thursday 25th February 12.30 – 1.30 GMT

Child and Adolescent violence towards grandparent kinship carers is a significant and yet under-researched phenomenon.  In this webinar, Dr Amanda Holt, will present findings from interviews with 27 grandparent kinship carers from across the UK who are experiencing such violence from the grandchildren they are caring for.

The research highlights how the kinship care context shapes the violence, its impacts and grandparents’ help-seeking practices with social workers.  In light of the findings, we consider how we can improve our response to grandparents’ own articulated support needs.

This event, organised by BASW, is free to BASW members and £10 plus VAT for non-members.

More details and booking here.


New webinars announced by Standing Together Against Domestic Violence as part of their DHR series: “Learning the Lessons”, include a webinar considering Fatal Adult Child to Parent Violence, presented by Thien Trang Nguyen Phan on March 17th. 


A follow up to the December networking event, open to all professionals working with families where there is child to parent abuse. For details see Eventbrite.

Thursday 22nd April 10.00 – 12.00.


Introducing The No Matter What, a group of professionals experienced in foster care, adoption, social work, residential care and therapeutic practice established by author and therapeutic parent Sally Donovan. TNMW are running affordable webinars and events on a range of topics likely to appeal to those offering, or promoting, Therapeutic Parenting.



For further information see the NVR Practitioners Consortium website.

If you would like more information, please email Rachel or Dawn at



Debido a la situación de emergencia sanitaria por la propagación del COVID-19, desde el Comité Organizador del #CongresoVFP2020 comunicamos el aplazamiento del mismo a 2021.


CEL&T (Children Experiencing Loss and Trauma) is a Private Limited Company providing information for anyone wanting to know about loss and trauma and the impact upon children.

They work in partnership with several organisations regionally and nationally to provide collaborative working in order to support a wide range of children and young people from a range of diverse home environments.

For details of all CEL&T online CPD training courses, webinars, INSET days and Key Note presentations, please see the website.



Training sessions for social workers / practitioners in CPVA and NVR, in Galway, with Declan Coogan and Eileen Lauster.

These include a new Postgraduate Certificate in NVR through the University of Ireland, Galway, starting in March.

See the CPVIreland website for more details of training opportunities.



A TRAINING PACKAGE FROM AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)

As a response to the pandemic, AVA have taken many of their training courses online, including a number of different modules regarding child to parent violence and abuse. As well as a basic introductory webinar there is now an interactive half-day training session. Full details of training, including dates, content and pricing structure, are available on the website.


Respect offer a number of  separate training packages regarding young people’s violence.

PERSPECTIVES ON ADOLESCENT TO PARENT VIOLENCE (one day) is offered in partnership with AVA.

WORKING WITH YOUNG PEOPLE’S VIOLENCE IN CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS is a five day course to train participants in the use of the Respect toolkit.

Both these courses are available for delivery any where in the country. They are also offered as open-access courses in London.

THE RESPECT YOUNG PEOPLE’S PROGRAMME (RYPP): an evaluated programme for working with families experiencing child and adolescent violence and abuse towards parents.

The RYPP is available from Respect as a licensed package which includes:

  •  5 day training course
  • Manuals
  • Video resources
  • Supervision
  • Online case management
  • Data analysis

A new course has just been added: EARLY RESPONSE TO ADOLESCENT TO PARENT VIOLENCE AND ABUSE.  This training course will provide practitioners with an increased ability to recognise Child/Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse and understand the dynamics involved. Practitioners will take away practical tools to support the families they are working with.


Adfam offer a one-day training course for practitioners working with families affected by substance use, to bring about a greater understanding of how children (including adult children) with drug or alcohol problems can go on to use violence and abuse against their parents. See the website for more information, and to commission a course.



Cathy Press and Carole Baker offer a Multi-Agency Three Day Facilitator Training course for the WHO’S IN CHARGE? parent support programme.

Cathy and Carole are the UK approved trainers for this course.

Please see the Who’s in Charge? website for more information about both Cathy and Carole,  about the Who’s in Charge? programme and about training opportunities.

This CPD certificated training is aimed primarily at those intending to facilitate the Who’s in Charge? group programme, although it has practical application to those working 1:1 and with parents generally. The workshop is largely experiential, based around the exercises and discussions of a Who’s in Charge? group programme.


Cost for the training will be £750.00 per person including course handouts, beverages throughout each day and access to the facilitator pack which contains all the materials needed to run the Who’s in Charge? Programme. Lunch is not provided.

More details of all courses, see the Who’s in Charge? website


DVIP run a range of training courses concerned with domestic violence, including a one day course on Responding to Child to Parent Violence.

This course can be booked for your organisation, or applications are invited to attend the course when it runs in London.

Further details and booking form on the DVIP website.


Partnership Projects logo rgb


Due to COVID restrictions, all training has been moved online and will be delivered via Zoom. The schedule to July 2021 can be found on the website.

Partnership Projects offer a programme of introductory and specialist seminars and masterclasses in Non Violent Resistance (NVR) in London and around the country.

Information is now available for all introductory and specialist courses running in 2020, These courses book up well in advance!

CERTIFICATE COURSE: (Foundation level with or without supervision, and Advanced level) Details here.

SUPERVISOR TRAINING: (NVR-informed clinical supervision) Details here

INTRODUCTION TO NVR: (see below) Details here

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions then our brand new FULL DAY INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP is right for you.

Don’t wait too long to book as places are strictly limited.

This workshop / presentation is tailored to professionals in local authorities, mental health and the independent sectors. Parents who wish to work in a voluntary capacity in NVR, e.g. by supporting other parents as mentors, are welcome to attend but should be aware of the professional nature of the workshop.

NVR TEACHER COACHING MODULE: A new initiative for teachers and support staff. Details here.

ONLINE SEMINARS FOR PARENTS / CARERS: In response to demand from parents, this a short course of 6 online seminars. Details here.


Green Moon Training operate in the south east of Ireland. 

They offer a two-day training package in Non-Violent Resistance for practitioners working with families.

On completion of this training, practitioners will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate increased confidence and skill in assessing and responding effectively to child to parent violence and abuse
  • Understand the key concepts and skills of the Non Violent Resistance Intervention model
  • Relate these concepts and skills to their own or to other areas of practice with children and families.
  • Help parents/carers develop skills and confidence in responding to child to parent violence
  • Raise awareness of the nature and extent of child to parent violence, controlling behaviour and reversal of power in families
  • Identify the challenges and the potential for resolution of these challenges in applying NVR principles to practice

For more information contact Emma Ryan here.


NVR INNOVATIONS, a Southampton based service, offers training to both practitioners and parents in the use of Non-Violent Resistance. More details on their website.


Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services, based in Blaenau Gwent, offer a range of training options for professionals, including Adolescent to Parent Violence. See the website for more details.



For those interested in learning more about issues around adoption, including aspects of violence, PAC offer as series of public seminars, training for adoptive parents and carers and special guardians, and CPD opportunities for professionals around the country. These include training in Non Violent Resistance, as well as issues to do with Adoption Disruption, Adolescence and Attachment.

Training for parents is now offered online as well as in groups.

Details of training through 2020/2021 available on the PAC-UK website.

Full details about the services available can be found here.


Adoption UK offer a full programme of training events for families, including the use of Non Violent Resistance, and a workshop called Above and Beyond, details here.

Funding has recently been secured to provide workshops for families in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

See here and here for details of the next training days in Wales.


Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 14.17.26

Sarah Fisher is a trainer, NVR Practitioner, and adoptive parent who offers NVR training for parents and professionals.  Sarah offers both face to face and online courses with weekly calls.

Further details are available on her website.


The Centre for Adoption Support offers workshops on Child to Parent Violence, for adoptive families managing physical and verbal aggression at home.

See the newsletter, available via the website, for more information.


A new organisation, PEGS (Parental Education Growth Support) offers child to parent awareness training and also a programme for Safeguarding Leads and managers, highlighting responsibilities as well as discussing policies and procedures. More information on their website.


Marilyn Hawes, of Freedom from Abuse, offers a series of training programmes about relationships and abuse to both adults and young people. Most of this work is directed at schools, but she has addressed sports clubs, businesses, police forces, and early years work with information that helps identify abuse and keep families and children safe. Her programmes now include “Devil in Disguise or Unresolved Trauma”, moving away from a blaming approach and unpacking issues that can be found behind child to parent violence. Contact Marilyn for more information and to make a booking.


The New Authority Network International has been established by a team of NVR practitioners at Schneider Children’s Medical Centre of Israel, to promote the advancement of ideas and to provide a space for professionals to connect and share knowledge about NVR and New Authority. They offer a programme of conferences and training days, around the world, led by the team.

You will find more information and full details of the training on the NANI website.


The NVR Practitioners Consortium website offers lists of practitioners, as well as details of upcoming courses.


The National Association of Therapeutic Parents, based in Gloucestershire, works with both parents and professionals to promote better outcomes for children who have experienced early trauma. They offer a range of training courses and events around the country.


Yvonne Newbold, Mark Brown and Malcolm Cooper have developed a series of training days looking at Autism and Learning Disability Behaviour Help.  

Yvonne’s session, How to Reduce Violent and Challenging Behaviour in SEND Children, provides very practical guidance in this difficult area, and is appropriate for both parents and professionals. Yvonne makes a clear distinction between child to parent violence and violent challenging behaviour, but many of these issues will resonate with families where there is significant overlap.

Other workshops address supporting siblings, looking after yourself, and particular issues around puberty. Yvonne is currently exploring online programmes for those who find it difficult to attend in person.

Further details about these training days, and other similar events, can be found on Yvonne’s website and through Eventbrite.


Break4Change, one of the original providers of a specific support programme in Britain, now offer training opportunities for those wanting to know more about Adolescent to Parent Violence.

Both a half-day Basic Awareness, and a one-day Introduction training course are available.


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