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This page is a place to share details of your dissertation, to make requests for information or subjects, and to generally network with people who share your passion for investigation in the field of child to parent violence. 

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Sophie Turner, a journalism student at Bournemouth University, recently obtained a “first” for her project on parent abuse. It was very encouraging to have someone from a completely different field to usual taking an interest in the subject.
You can see the finished project here.
Congratulations Sophie!



Managing Anxiety in Autism



To Whom It May Concern,
I’m a researcher at King’s College London working on a project which is investigating the effectiveness of a new anxiety self-help intervention for individuals with autism and their families. We are currently looking to recruit some young adults, aged 18-25, with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder who experience anxiety and may be interested in participating in our study. The study takes place over a 2 month period and the young adult, along with a parent or caregiver, would receive a self help guide about anxiety and autism that we have written in collaboration with clinicians. The guides include information on anxiety, why it can be so commonly experienced by individuals with autism, and some recommended strategies to help manage it. I’ve attached a research flyer (saved as a jpeg so it can be uploaded onto social media if helpful) and would be very grateful if you could email it around your mailing list and/or post it on your Facebook page. We’ve received a lot of really positive feedback about the intervention and would love to be able to make it accessible to more people. We are funded by Autistica and they would like to try and develop our guides into an app in the longer term if families think it is a useful resource so we’re hoping to receive as much feedback as possible.
My colleague Rachel and I would be very happy to answer any questions if you’d like any further information. Rachel can be contacted by phone on 0207 848 5368.
Kind regards,
Sophie Carruthers
Sophie Carruthers
1+3 MRC DTP PhD StudentInstitute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience
King’s College London
De Crespigny Park
London SE5 8AF

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