This page includes links to research taking place and requests for help with research; as well as links to published theses and dissertations. If you would like your work to be included, please contact me with details. 

If you are interested in Spanish language work, the website SEVIFIP has a page devoted to doctoral theses.

For research conducted by members of the International Network Addressing Filial Violence, see  the links on this page of the Monash University website.

A directory of current Australian based research is also held by the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare.

A Canadian group, The National Consortium on Aggression toward Family / Caregivers in Childhood & Adolescence has recently established a website documenting their research and aims as an organisation.



CPV Research Directory

A list of current and recent research projects in the field of child to parent violence and abuse. Click for more information and contact details.

Brook Armstrong, Macquarie University, Sydney, Studying the Educational Experiences of young people who engage in Child to Parent Abuse

Dr. Victoria Baker, University of Central Lancashire, Exploring the abuse of parents by their teenage children: the experiences and perceptions of young people Victoria Baker’s final thesis is available to read here.

Dr Hannah Bows, University of Durham, Sexual Abuse of Parents and Grandparents

Sophie Cero, Royal College of Art, Recognising Little Horror in the Maternal Unheimlich

Prof. Rachel Condry, University of Oxford and Dr. Caroline Miles, University of Manchester, Parents’ experiences of child and adolescent to parent violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Shihning Chou, University of Nottingham, The associations between experiencing family violence and maltreating parents and the psychological underpinning of these associations

Fiona Creevy, University of Huddersfield, Walking on Eggshells: Parents’ Perspectives on Child-Initiated Family Abuse (provisional title)

Sue Fletcher, Canterbury Christ Church University, An exploration of child to parent violence in pre-adolescent aged children and the links to trauma and attachment (provisional title)

Dr Amanda Holt, University of Roehampton, Investigating violence against grandparents in a kinship care context

Ruth Jones, OBE, University of Worcester, Should public policy and service provision responses to violence & abuse perpetrated by young people against parents in West Mercia be formulated within the dominant domestic violence framework?

Dr Sam Lewis, University of Leeds, Developing the Police Response to Child-to-Parent Violence

Gerard McElhone, University of Cumbria, Child to Parent Violence: An analysis of child to parent violence, focusing on the development of appropriate measures to improve future outcomes for children and families

Dr Caroline Miles, University of Manchester, Improving Domestic Abuse Risk Assessment

Thien-Trang Nguyen-Phan, Anglia Ruskin University, The ‘Dark Side of Families’: Exploring the Dynamics of Adult Child to Parent Abuse

Dr Alexandra Papamichail, University of Brighton, Young people who are violent towards their parents in the UK

Alexa Revels, University of Winchester, An Investigation into Adolescent-to-Parent Violence / Abuse (APVA) and the Available Services in Hampshire Which Run APVA Projects and Programmes

Nikki Rutter, University of Durham, What support needs do parents have when children are violent towards them?

Professor Julie Selwyn, University of Oxford, Evaluation of a Child to Parent Violence Project 2017-18 (report here

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