Now you never need to worry that your prized work will lie forever on the shelf unread!

This page is a place to share details of your dissertation, to make requests for information or subjects, and to generally network with people who share your passion for investigation in the field of child to parent violence. 

If you would like to post something, please email me (using the contact page) so that all content can be moderated.


Sophie Turner, a journalism student at Bournemouth University, recently obtained a “first” for her project on parent abuse. It was very encouraging to have someone from a completely different field to usual taking an interest in the subject.
You can see the finished project here.
Congratulations Sophie!


The Impact of Personal Life Issues on Professional Role

MA Final Year Dissertation: Can you help?

Lynne Michelson, a final year MA social work student at Northumbria University, is conducting a piece of research looking at the impact of personal life on the professional role. We know that child to parent violence is no respecter of profession or role, and affects families right across the board, and so it will be interesting to know how personal social work expertise might influence a personal response, or indeed how abuse from a child might impact future practice.

She asks that anyone interested in taking part in the study answer a short questionnaire. Further information about the study can be obtained by emailing Lynne at the address she provides.

I have attached the first page of the questionnaire for information here. You will need to go to the  survey web page to access it properly.

LM student Q

Thank you to all the students interested in this topic and taking our understanding forwards!



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