Reading List

This is in no way definitive, but is a place to find fuller references for the articles, journals, research papers etc quoted elsewhere on the website. I have omitted many important early publications simply to make it manageable. I will be adding to it as I find new material, and will be happy to consider anything sent to me for inclusion. With a few exceptions I have confined the list to papers published in English. You will find a wealth of research from Spain, and other Spanish speaking countries, in particular and I would recommend searching via for these, or by using bibliographies of other papers.

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  1. Lot of work gone into compiling that, Helen…Great work. Thank you.

  2. SO helpful. Thank you, Helen.

  3. Hi, can I find the list of different titles, phrases and acronyms for child to parent violence and abuse anywhere in your books?
    Thank you

    • I am not sure where to send you for an exhaustive list, but you will find some discussion in the introduction to my own book, Child to Parent Violence and Abuse: A practitioner’s guide to working with families. Many other papers and books will include a similar discussion. I hope you are able to find what you need.

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