Sound and vision

A number of people have asked me recently for links to the increasing number of audio and video resources, which can be of use in training or for personal learning for those interested in learning more about child to parent violence and abuse; and so I have tried to bring them together on this page. The list is, of course, not exhaustive. They span quite a range, from fiction, through discussion, to specific educational resources. Rather than divide them into groups – a difficult task as there is oftentimes an overlap – I have arranged them by date, and will continue to add to the list as I come across new items. I have deliberately excluded clips from shouty, sensationalising TV programmes  – just because – but these are also available online.  Please note that some recordings are only available for a short length of time, and may have gone past their date before I have time to remove them.


Sharp rise in parents being abused by their violent children (2017) A 3 minute clip from ITV London news, first shown 30th November, featuring Joe Lettieri from PAARS.

“I’m scared of my own autistic child” (2017) Film by Noel Phillips for the Victoria Derbyshire Show, first shown on BBC2, October 30th 2017.

“It’s been an absolute nightmare”, family violence in kinship care (2017) From the Baptcare research report (Australia). One of the report’s authors and a number of kinship carers share their experiences.

Adoption Disruption. (2017) A podcast from Community Care Inform / Learn on the go. Interviews with Julie Selwyn and Elaine Dibben. More information, timings and full references available with the recording.

Adoption: Families in Crisis (2017) A File on 4 investigation for the BBC about the challenges faced by adoptive families and the difficulties in accessing support.

Is it taboo to admit your disabled child hits you? (2017) An edition of BBC Woman’s Hour which  considered the issues around caring for a child with disabilities. Interviews with a number of parents, including Rosie Noble of Contact a family, and Yvonne Newbold who has written a handbook for parents and created workshops for parents and practitioners, as well as blogging on this issue.

Safe Lives Spotlight #3: Young People and Domestic Abuse (2017) Over the course of two months, this Spotlight feature focussed on the experiences of young people affected by domestic violence, and the professionals supporting them. There are links to videos, blogs, podcasts and other writing and resources; including a number of the podcasts specifically addressing adolescent to parent violence and abuse.

Who’s in Charge? (2016) Short video in which practitioners talk about their experience of facilitating the Who’s in Charge? programme with families experiencing violence and abuse from their children; and the impact WinC? has for the families involved.

Adoption and Fostering Podcast (2016 onwards) Al Coates and Scott Casson-Rennie interview individuals from practice, research and policy. Episodes 2, 3, 5, 20, 21, 22 and 26 are particularly concerned with child to parent violence, as well as a special edition with Sue Armstrong Brown in September 2017, but others also touch on it.

Passengers, Moving On, series 7 (2016) A short drama from Jimmy McGovern for the BBC, briefly exploring the secrecy and shame experienced by a mother abused by her son.

Our Story of Parental Abuse (2016) Short animation. A parent talks about her experience of abuse from her teenage daughter, and asks for support in her campaigning to get the law changed. (USA)

The Children who hit their parents (2015) A short film made by BBC journalist and producer, Noel Philips, and shown first on the Victoria Derbyshire show in December 2015 as part of a feature on child to parent violence.

“I thought nothing of pulling a knife on my Dad” (2015) Short clip from the December 2015 Victoria Derbyshire show featuring child to parent violence. Ann Ramsden opens up about her own childhood experience.

Investigating Adolescent Violence towards Parents impact films (2015) Two short films in which Rachel  Condry talks about the APVA project and listening to parents’ experiences.

Children attacking parents in West Midlands “shocking” (2015) Short film by Noel Phillips, on the BBC website includes interviews with a parent, young man and Yvonne Mosquito, West Midlands Deputy Police and Crimes Commissioner.

Beyond the Adoption Order (2015) Julie Selwyn presents a lecture, available here on YouTube, about her work and findings, for Cardiff University’s Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre, in association with BAAF.

RCPV Project films (2015) Two films are available here: action research project findings, and definitions of child to parent violence.

Para Todos La 2 – Debate: La Violencia filioparental (2014) Clip from a Spanish TV programme,  two Clinical Psychologists debate and discuss the issues involved. (some subtitles)

Child to Parent Violence Definition and Prevalence (2014) Thirteen minute segment from the Sean O’Rourke Morning Show on RTE Radio 1. He speaks with Roisin O’Hara, who interviewed a parent experiencing child to parent violence, Declan Coogan of NUI Galway, and Alan Quinn of Le Cheile.

Use of Restorative Justice in CPV work (2014) Kate Iwi talks about the programme developed by Respect, working with both parents and young people.

Adolescent Violence in the Home (2014) A short animation from Kildonan Uniting Care, an Australian organisation which has invested significant time and resources in the issue of adolescent to parent violence. Particularly useful for work with parents.

My Violent Child (2014) Whole episode from the Channel 5 documentary series. Features a number of families and follows their experience of accessing help. The series attracted some criticism, and the shaming parents experience is reflected in the comment thread. Other clips and episodes also available on YouTube.

ReMoved (2014) A short film by Nathanael Matanick about the devastating emotional impact on children of living with domestic violence. Originally made to raise awareness in the training of foster parents. Also Remember my Story, ReMoved part 2, made in 2015.

Teens abusing parents ‘serious and often hidden issue’ (2014) Dave Howard interviews parents affected by child to parent violence, as well as Rachel Condry, and practitioners from Sunderland Impact Family Services, for an item on the BBC PM programme.

Child to Parent Violence: “a constant battle with no-one to turn to” (2013) Half hour Radio documentary from Nima Green on The Voice of Russia in London. Interviews with Rachel Condry (talking about findings of the Oxford APVA), Joe Lettieri, Karen Hunter and Ayse Adil from PAARS, and 2 families who received help from that service, DCI Simon Retford from Greater Manchester Police.

Teenagers and Domestic Violence (2013) An episode of the BBC flagship programme Woman’s Hour in November 2013 featured an interview with Professor Sue Bailey, consultant child and adolescent forensic psychiatrist, as well as Professor David Gadd from Manchester University and Ben Jamal from DVIP.

Victim Mother: I’ve created a monster (2013) Clip from the BBC Radio 4 Today programme from 27th April 2013. Testimony from mothers experiencing violence from their teenage children, one since very young childhood. Contrasting different backgrounds, but both finding it difficult to obtain help. Another shout out to PAARS.

In Cold Blood: Parental Abuse (2013) One of a series of docu-dramas from Singapore, 24 minutes long. This one features the story of a woman whose older son became abusive when she refused to give him everything he wanted.

A Home for Maisie (2013) Film about the effects of early trauma and the way violence plays out, affecting everyone around. A long film but worth it for the joy at the end!

Responding to Child to Parent Violence: Project launch (2013) Video of the official launch. Over an hour long, but useful for dipping in and out of, for detail of the project’s aims and the two intervention models being assessed. Details of timings here. Contains a short film, “Hope when I had none”, in which a parent talks about her experience of receiving support.

Parent Abuse in Hong Kong (2013) In this short video, Joey Chan calls for a comprehensive solution to the problem of parent abuse. A call to individuals to consider their behaviour.

Adolescent Domestic Violence (2013) Seventeen minute clip from the Life Matters programme on ABC Radio National (Australia) on February 18th discussing an upcoming conference, with interviews with Leanne Sinclair (Family Violence Program Manager, Legal Aid, Victoria) and Jo Howard (Manager of the Drug and Alcohol Program and Youth Services at Peninsula Heath, Victoria). Looks at possible reasons for an increase in violence, types of violence experienced, context and statistics, reluctance to contact police or CJS, possible responses, including elements of “Step Up” type programmes. (From 01.36 – 18.10)

Teenage Violence at Home (2013) A shorter clip from an ABC Radio National (Australia) programme on February 18th, focussing on the experience of violence.

Family Lives Webinar on Child to Parent Violence (2013) Presentations from Oliver Standing Policy and Projects Co-ordinator at Adfam, and Sara Hassell, a Family Co-ordinator with Family Lives. Oliver talks about a recent research project, and Sara discusses the work she does in a primary school with abused parents. The presentation is just under an hour and three quarters. (The first few moments are silent.) Includes links to documents mentioned and supplementary material.

Therapeutic responses to families in crisis (2010) DVD from Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, adapted from the documentary I Hate Mum, originally shown on BBC TV. The film is intended primarily for training and educational purposes and shows the systemic therapy approach used by the team with families.

Dangerous Child (2001) Feature film, certificate 15, from Hearst Entertainment Ltd, tells the story of a woman who has left an abusive husband and now finds herself victim to her older son.