“The family unit is supposed to be a safe place”

Mapping support for parents

News at last about the mapping project I have been talking about for ages!

A group of interested people is now meeting regularly to try to get his moving. We aim to produce some sort of directory of all the services across the country supporting families experiencing child to parent violence, by the end of the year. It is not clear at this point what form this will take or who will be able to access it initially, but this is huge progress. Between us we know of a considerable number of projects and services working with parent abuse across the country, but no doubt there are many we are missing. It would be great to make this as comprehensive as possible. If you know of services in your area, or indeed elsewhere, please do email me via the Contact page. Thanks.

Meanwhile, an Australian news site covered the work of Manly Community Centre this week in a piece commenting on the under-reporting of domestic violence by children towards their parents. The community centre offers counselling and advice to both parties and to the family as a whole. The title of this post comes from a statement from the local police command: Superintendent Dave Darcy,

Our view is that the family unit is supposed to be a safe place. We are not going to stand back and watch parents getting bashed.

Training Events

Please do check the training page regularly. There is information up today about a two-day event from Break4Change in Brighton (UK) in October. There may be a few remaining tickets for the Adolescent to Parent Abuse conference in Bristol (UK) in September. This event is organised by Jane Evans who has been engaged in work with Wish, in Bristol, for the last months.

If training dates don’t suit your needs, many organisations and individuals will deliver training specifically designed to meet your organisation’s needs and timings. Try AVA, Respect, Kate Cairns Associates, or Jane Evans for ideas, amongst many others.

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