“My Violent Child”

In February this year, I wrote about a meeting I had had with Nick Poyntz, from Popkorn TV, to discuss ideas about a forthcoming documentary dealing with child to parent violence. I am pleased to say that this programme has been made and is to be aired on Channel 5 at 9pm, Wednesday 18th June, My Violent Child.

There’s a bit of a flavour here in the synopsis I have been sent:

A new wave of abuse is happening behind closed doors right across the UK but it’s one that many are too ashamed to discuss.  Domestic violence used to mean an angry man beating a helpless female partner and kids.  But last year over 12,000 parents called Parent-Line to report violent children landing blows, bites and punches on their parents when they didn’t get their own way. This documentary takes a moving look at the increasing phenomenon of parental abuse through three families’ extraordinary journeys. 

I should emphasise that I’ve not seen the programme, and my only part in it was to explore some of the issues with the company concerned. I’m very much looking forward though to seeing how they have tackled it, and to moving the discussion on. Last year there was a lot of media coverage. This will be a good opportunity to keep the momentum going.

If you are able to see the programme it would be good to get some comment and discussion going here!


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2 responses to ““My Violent Child”

  1. Janette Stanley

    My son has been violent towards me nearly all his life ive tried and tried to get help but to no avail in the end when he was fifteen I had to call the police still no long term help he is now nineteen and does not live with me because im scared of him wheres the help im so sad

    janette stanley

    • Thank you for your comment Janette. I am so sorry to hear of you situation. As you have suggested, making yourself safe is only half the problem. Help to restore a healthy relationship is also important. Although he is now 19 it is never too late. I hope you are able to find a solution that works for both of you.

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