More Spanish Journal Articles

It is exciting to see that there is so much work going on around the world at the moment, with 2 more papers from Spain published this month.

Lourdes Contreras and Carmen Cano, in Adolescents who assault their parents: a different family profile of young offenders?, (Violence and Victims, Volume 29, Number 3, 2014, pp. 393-406), consider differences in family characteristics of children offending within the family (CPV) and those committing other types of offence; finding factors such as family size, type of household, parenting style and patterns of interactions differing between the two groups. This was from a sample of 654 young offenders.

Estefania Lema Moreira also has a paper in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology, The Family Context as a Critical Factor in Child-to-Parent Violence.  Looking at literature published from 2009 to the present, she draws on 10 studies to find common features in affected homes. High rates of domestic violence or inadequate parenting styles are identified by her, suggesting a greater likelihood of child to parent violence is homes where either of those are present.

It is important to remember that families experiencing child to parent violence come from all walks of society, and indeed from around the world. Past experience of trauma, such as domestic violence, has been found to be a significant correlation in many research studies, but factors such as mental health, substance use, disability or cultural dissonance may also contribute. It is thought that families coming to the attention of the police represent only a very small sample of those affected, since families struggle to avoid what they perceive to be this even greater stigma. Nevertheless, it is good to build up the body of knowledge as the amount of research increases.

Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing more about the work on the ground in Spain as I set off to Galway for the DAPHNE RCPV conference on Thursday and Friday. Child to Parent Violence: Innovations in Practice. Policy and Research brings together many experts in the field from around the world, with a particular emphasis on the experience of the RCPV research project.

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