Child to Parent Violence: the Learning Issue

I offer you a round up of various items that have cropped up in the last weeks, all with something of a learning theme, hence the title of the post.

A third year postgraduate Clinical Counselling student at the University of Chester, Jennifer Thomas, is looking for participants for her dissertation research, title: Exploring the place of counselling for parents who have lived with child-to-parent violence. This is specifically with reference to individual counselling for parents, rather than programmes working with the family. If you would like to know more, or know any one else who can help, I will be happy to pass on your details to Jennifer.

Meanwhile, the Journal of Family Violence has published the findings of a recent Spanish study: Child-to-Parent Violence in Adolescents: The Perspectives of the Parents, Children, and Professionals in a Sample of Spanish Focus Group Participants, by Esther Calvete, Izaskun Orue, Lorena Bertino, Zahira Gonzalez, Yadira Montes, Patricia Padilla and Roberto Pereira can be found in Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 343-352 (April 2014). The study explored risk factors associated with child to parent violence, and found that, as an attempt to gain power by the young person, it was mainly linked to exposure to marital conflict and family violence, permissive discipline, emotional disengagement in the father-child relationship, and symptoms of emotional stress and substance consumption in the children. With so many characteristics involved, it was recommended that both family and individual approaches be considered for treatment.

I came across a further mine of useful resources this week with this link. These are free downloadable documents. This particular link will bring up items relevant to family violence as a whole, including adolescent violence to parents.

There are a lot of training opportunities and conferences coming up in the next months in Britain and Ireland, some giving an introduction to parent abuse for practitioners and others offering training in particular programmes or approaches. You will find a one-day event in Bristol in May, two days of training in Wakefield in June, Who’s in Charge? Training in Suffolk in May and in Central London in June, and four separate days of training around the country with PAARS, as well as a major international conference in Galway in June. Some of these are free events. Please do check them out on the Events and Training page, and please let me know if there is anything I can advertise for you. I am always pleased to post reports of training events if anyone would like to send me anything.

Finally, in the next week I will be adding a new page specifically for students, as it seems there might be an interest in this. Over the last few years I have been aware of many undergraduate long essays and dissertations on the topic of child to parent violence, as well as postgraduate papers, and many of these are sadly destined to sit and gather dust without a means of disseminating the findings. I will offer a place to post titles, link with other students with similar work, or indeed ask for help!

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