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Everybody Hurts: Parent abuse on Radio Sheffield

The top story on the Radio Sheffield breakfast programme yesterday morning (October 3rd) was to do with the launch of a support group for parents being abused by their children in the Sheffield area. Toby Foster gave a very sympathetic hearing to “Anne”, who established the group to reach out to parents in the same position as herself. She has a son, now 14, who has been violent towards first his sister and then herself and others since he was 7 years old. He now has a diagnosis of Aspergers, but Anne stressed that violence to parents  was not only perpetrated by young people with health issues. Continue reading

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Adolescent to parent abuse: the facts

I was interested to be sent this fact sheet recently, by Heather Nancarrow, Director of the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, CQ University. The leaflet was produced to support parents who might be experiencing abuse from their children, with clear outlines of what counts as abusive behaviour, recognising how parents may be feelings and reminding them of their right to live free of abuse and violence. It is distributed (among other places) to police stations, one of the key places parents may first seek help. The addresses and contact details are of course only relevant to Australia, but the information given is useful to all; and the layout and presentation very attention grabbing.

It was one such leaflet that prompted this article in the Gladstone Observer, on May 31st.

The reporter took the opportunity to interview a police officer and a youth worker involved in supporting parents, as well as Nancarrow. Parents are urged to start disciplining their children early, recognise the signs of parent abuse, and to come forward for help if necessary. The article is a little confused in its structure, but its good to see the issue of child to parent violence receiving attention and recognition in the media again.

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Reading about adolescent to parent abuse

A couple of years ago, I briefly joined a reading group. I had been encouraged to believe that the discipline would enable me to find space in my life to explore books I might not otherwise choose to read. It worked – but unfortunately only for me in that particular group. As I stare at the monumental pile on my desk now, which includes books I purchased over five years ago, I feel rather contrite and certainly less judgmental towards my onetime comrades. Continue reading


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Adolescent to parent abuse in print

Great to see Amanda Holt’s book published this week!

This represents a real milestone in acknowledgement of the issue of parent abuse, with the first academic book entirely devoted to the issue in Britain. Not quite the go-to book for Christmas present ideas maybe, but definitely one to slip through for yourself.

You can read more about it on the Policy Press blog.

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Alternative Restoratives: Training and awareness

Lynette Robinson, of Alternative Restoratives reports a busy but successful year for her organisation:

It has been a busy year for Alternative Restoratives in delivering awareness raising presentations at events across the UK and also a workshop at the International Conference for Restorative Practices (IIRP) held in Nova Scotia, Canada in June 2011.  We have held two Professional Awareness Raising Days Understanding Adolescent to Parent Abuse, in September, 2011 and March 2012, in which  parents as service users and professionals from the public, private and voluntary sectors shared their experiences in this issue.  Both events were attended by delegates from a range of family service areas.  Many went away with new awareness and understanding of this issue, and inspired to develop their own practice and services.  It is wonderful to hear of the many new pilots that are now becoming established in many authorities across our country, and encouraging to know that awareness and understanding of this ‘hidden’ form of family violence is growing across professionals. Continue reading

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Amanda Holt speaking at Surrey University

An inspiring talk from Amanda Holt yesterday at Surrey University, based on her forthcoming book: Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse: Current Understandings in Research, Policy and Practice. The book, from Policy Press, due out in November this year, will be the first academic text on parent abuse to be published in Britain. Offering a thorough overview of the subject, Amanda first considered the similarities and differences with other forms of family violence; and then went on to examine what we can learn from the different types of data available. Continue reading

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