Alternative Restoratives: Training and awareness

Lynette Robinson, of Alternative Restoratives reports a busy but successful year for her organisation:

It has been a busy year for Alternative Restoratives in delivering awareness raising presentations at events across the UK and also a workshop at the International Conference for Restorative Practices (IIRP) held in Nova Scotia, Canada in June 2011.  We have held two Professional Awareness Raising Days Understanding Adolescent to Parent Abuse, in September, 2011 and March 2012, in which  parents as service users and professionals from the public, private and voluntary sectors shared their experiences in this issue.  Both events were attended by delegates from a range of family service areas.  Many went away with new awareness and understanding of this issue, and inspired to develop their own practice and services.  It is wonderful to hear of the many new pilots that are now becoming established in many authorities across our country, and encouraging to know that awareness and understanding of this ‘hidden’ form of family violence is growing across professionals.
Alternative Restoratives offer a two day training package in Understanding and Working With Adolescent to Parent Abuse – Using Targeted Interventions. Lynette and her associate trainer, Sally Fawcett, draw from their experience on project development and delivery of a UK hybrid pilot programme, Do it Different (inspired by the Step Up model). This is still run successfully by Wakefield YOT and partner agencies. The course gives Lynette the opportunity to share more of her knowledge and expertise gained in 2010 when she visited the Step Up programmes in Seattle and Toledo as part of the Churchill Research Fellowship.
This is normally offered as in-service training, but will also be accessible on a single delegate place basis at their central event on September 20th and 21st. Further details available here.

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