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New Project for Abused Parents in Victoria.

There are exciting developments afoot in Australia, where the Victoria State government has agreed funding for  a three year pilot of a programme for parents and young people, based on the Seattle Step-Up model. Jo Howard, of Peninsula Health, has been involved in the campaign for the last five years and views it as a huge achievement at a time of government cutbacks. Work is underway to set up staff and systems, and Jo reports that they are already inundated with parents. There is hope that, if successful, the model will be rolled out across the state and country as a whole. Continue reading

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Some Summer Holiday Reading

Restorative responses that are high both on accountability and support are widely evidenced not only for their culturally transferability but their ability to achieve high engagement, ownership and accountability, and empower individuals to change. Step Up is a model that could also be adapted for use in schools, preventative services and a range of family service providers.

(Lynette Robinson, p32)

A series of three articles about the Step Up programme, developed within the youth justice system in the US as a dedicated response to adolescent violence to parents: Continue reading

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