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Adolescent Violence in the Home: website and video

I have written in the past about the Peninsula Health ‘Adolescent Violence in the Home’ project in Victoria, Australia, which has been running for the last two years.

This week I was sent details of the website which has been developed as part of the work, and which gives a link to an animation which clearly and succinctly lays out what is understood about adolescent violence in the home. The film is Australia-specific in that it refers to particular services, but could otherwise be used very successfully as an introduction to the issue for professionals or families.

A final research report should be available in February 2014.

I am grateful to the Peninsula Health team for making the material available and for permission to link to it here.

This post updated 18th January 2017 with new website link

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A “ground-breaking” and “inspiring” conference on adolescent violence in the home

I’m really pleased to have received the following report from Jo Howard on the recent conference held in Melbourne, Australia in February.

The Adolescent Violence in the Home Conference: Supporting Collaboration Across the Justice and Community Sectors, focused on strengthening collaboration between the justice and community sectors to provide enhanced support to parents and family members who experience it and the adolescents who use violence in the home.  The conference, delivered by Peninsula Health, with the support of Department of Health and Legal Services Board Victoria, attracted 260 delegates from a variety of sectors including government, police, legal, justice, education, alcohol and drug, family violence, family, youth and health services with representation from almost all Australian states and overseas. Continue reading

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New Project for Abused Parents in Victoria.

There are exciting developments afoot in Australia, where the Victoria State government has agreed funding for  a three year pilot of a programme for parents and young people, based on the Seattle Step-Up model. Jo Howard, of Peninsula Health, has been involved in the campaign for the last five years and views it as a huge achievement at a time of government cutbacks. Work is underway to set up staff and systems, and Jo reports that they are already inundated with parents. There is hope that, if successful, the model will be rolled out across the state and country as a whole. Continue reading

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