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Parent abuse, news around the world

Florida State Senator, Geraldine Thompson, announced a bill this week to give protection to parents experiencing violence and abuse from their children. If passed, it would become the nation’s first parent abuse law. The bill, SB-904, Abuse of a Parent, which has already been filed would define parent abuse, make it a reportable crime and allow for criminal penalties. Homer Hartage, former County Commissioner and founder of the Parent Abuse Action Coalition has campaigned for better protection with the family of Rosemary Pate who was killed by her son in 2013. There is increasing awareness that this is not a small problem. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 1,645 parents in Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake counties were victimized by their children — physically or sexually — in 2012, the latest statistics available. There has some been concern aired that legislation and criminalisation will not better protect families on its own, but should be accompanied by therapeutic interventions such as treatment and counselling. You can read the news coverage here and here. Continue reading

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The Lost Soul: parent abuse on the big screen

Every so often I come across something completely different in my searches regarding parent abuse. One such find was the company Paramita Entertainment, which I first encountered tweeting about the development of a film, THE LOST SOUL.

Paramita Entertainment was established to create films that have a positive impact on important issues that need to be brought to life. It was created by two Buddhist Lamas, Emilia Henriques da Silva and Jacques-Yves Mistretta, after they had been consulting on a film project in France. They saw the positive and powerful impact that films can have and decided they could address important topics through the medium of film. The company has been set up with the initiative to not only create films that are powerful on topics that might have been taboo in film before, but also to undertake direct action towards assisting those facing the issues they are addressing. Continue reading

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