The Lost Soul: parent abuse on the big screen

Every so often I come across something completely different in my searches regarding parent abuse. One such find was the company Paramita Entertainment, which I first encountered tweeting about the development of a film, THE LOST SOUL.

Paramita Entertainment was established to create films that have a positive impact on important issues that need to be brought to life. It was created by two Buddhist Lamas, Emilia Henriques da Silva and Jacques-Yves Mistretta, after they had been consulting on a film project in France. They saw the positive and powerful impact that films can have and decided they could address important topics through the medium of film. The company has been set up with the initiative to not only create films that are powerful on topics that might have been taboo in film before, but also to undertake direct action towards assisting those facing the issues they are addressing.

THE LOST SOUL is a feature film that addresses one of those formerly taboo topics. Through the film, Emilia, as the producer of the film, and Jacques-Yves as the director, hope to bring a greater level of awareness and understanding to the topic of child to parent violence. It features a very middle class family – the mother, Amanda, is an up and coming creative director – a deliberate decision to make it clear that this is a form of family violence which can affect anyone, anywhere. When Terry, a seemingly brilliant student, in one of his assaults on his mother hurts her so badly she is hospitalised, their secret is exposed and their world seems to fall apart. The film then traces their joint and separate journeys to repair their lives and their relationship.

So far the company has produced a short film version that is being submitted to festivals and is being used to showcase the film to distributors and financiers, prior to the shooting of the full-length feature film.

You can follow the progress of the film in various ways. Regular updates are provided via the Facebook page where the company is building a community of followers on the topic. As well as sharing information about the film and its production status, they bring relevant news and developments on the topic in general. Alternatively you can follow the producer, Emilia or the director, Jacques-Yves on twitter, or visit the Paramita Entertainment website.

In order to make investment in the film attractive, Paramita Entertainment has created an Enterprise Investment Scheme for the film which will provide UK tax based investors immediate tax benefits of up to 70% on their investment. Once the film is made and distributed (and incredibly successful!), it is the intention of Paramita Entertainment to share a portion of its profits in making the film THE LOST SOUL with a charity engaged in direct work on the issue of parent abuse.

Finally, the team at Paramita Entertainment encourage anyone who would like to get involved or would like more information about the film to get in touch with them.

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