Raising Awareness of #CPV, Episode 38

I am continually encouraged by the openness and indeed willingness of the BBC and other media to tackle the issue of child to parent violence and abuse. When I am contacted there is a recognition that this is an important emerging topic; and there is an understanding of the prevailing myths and that a more nuanced explanation is called for than simply attributing it to poor parenting. More than this though, I frequently hear “we covered it a while ago and promised were would come back to it later”, and ” we need to raise awareness”.

This week, for instance, BBC Radio Kent made it a feature on their Wake Up Call programme (available till the middle of October), and episode 38 of the current series of the hospital drama, Holby City (also available until mid October), includes a story line about child to parent violence in amongst the relationship crises with which it is regularly strewn!

Making this a commonplace event helps families to recognise that other people are experiencing something similar, it breaks down isolation, and it makes it easier to find the words to describe the problems and ask for help. It also has the potential to generate a greater understanding in the wider population. So thank you BBC and thank you to all the other outlets which cover this issue!

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