CPV: when it’s too shameful to speak the words …

Joining a growing library of leaflets and booklets designed to help parents understand and obtain help around child to parent violence, is a publication from South Tyneside Adults and Children Safeguarding Boards. Ranging from a simple one page leaflet, to more comprehensive booklets, these publications typically give information to parents and carers to help identify whether they might be experiencing abuse, explanations of why abuse might be taking place as well as steps they can take to minimise it, and local or national contact details.


An unusual feature of this particular booklet, is that page 15 was specifically designed to be torn out. Parents working in partnership on its creation, wanted to be able to give something to friends and family that they could read, when the shame and stigma around this issue made it too difficult to find the words to speak. It begins with a paragraph about how and why parents and carers might feel reluctant to admit to what is happening in their family; and includes suggestions of Do’s and Don’ts in supporting them.

This is a difficult subject for all of us to get out heads round, and those experiencing it are no different, and so it can be vital to have something simple to take away to read and digest at a slow pace. While general leaflets are of course helpful, there is added value in having the names and contact details for local organisations who can provide advice and support when someone is ready to seek help.

This partcular leaflet is available from South Tyneside Safeguarding Board for anyone interested in reading it, or in creating their own. You will find links to other leaflets and information for parents and carers on the Resources pages.

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