Child to parent violence and abuse: new thinking and approaches

The field of child to parent violence and abuse is a rapidly changing one, as new learning and understanding emerges to challenge our way of thinking and service delivery. This makes it an exciting field in which to be working – but also requires us to be on the ball with new research and training opportunities. This last year has seen important work from Dr Hannah Bows into parricide and eldercide; and more findings from a survey of parents by Dr Wendy Thorley and Al Coates, including a challenge to the definition currently in use. Have we got it wrong when we draw distinctions between children, young people and adults in the use of violence towards parents? Should we be using different approaches where children have a diagnosis of ASD or ADHD? Is this a different thing all together, or are there huge overlaps within the community of young people using violence and abuse in the home? Should we be representing this with a giant Venn diagram?


If those sorts of questions interest you, then join us at the Respect Young People’s Service National Event in Gateshead, on September 26th, from 10.30 to 4pm. Dame Vera Baird DBE QC will be chairing the morning session, and there will be presentations from Rosie Creer of Respond, and Dr. Hannah Bows. Workshops will give a flavour of different approaches to working with families, including the Who’s in Charge? programme, Break4Change, work with young people on the autistic spectrum, what we can learn from MARACs and IDVAs, setting up a local authority embedded programme, and Dr Wendy Thorley discussing the findings of her research.

Full details of the event, including more information about each session, venue, costs and booking can be found here.

Respect Young People’s Services Event focuses on pioneering work with young people who use violence, abuse and challenging behaviour particularly within the family. This participative event will engage you in new thinking and approaches to complement your work. 

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