Child to parent violence, a background hum

Is it me, or have things quietened down a bit at the moment? Granted, I’m not on top of everything across the world, but in terms of big news making events we seem to be having a down period. How do we keep the momentum going in such a situation?

Personally I very much value the opportunity to talk through ideas, listen to those on the front line, apply learning and support each other. It’s also how we test theory, develop new work and highlight areas of need. Without comradeship and support, practitioners as well as parents can feel discouraged and isolated. And there is some quite discouraging news about as budget cuts within the Youth Offending Service in England and Wales take effect and CPV programmes are axed or subsumed into general work. But against this background there are other moves which are worth celebrating.

Child to parent violence is a topic which receives considerable attention from students each year, with numerous dissertations at undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate level. I love hearing from students setting out on this process, and look forward to posting their contributions to our knowledge and understanding.

News that Swindon Borough Council have approved funding from later this summer for a two year programme of work and data collection with families experiencing child to parent violence.

Sweden recently hosted the 4th International Conference on Non Violent Resistance. Declan Coogan, who was a member of the team working on the RCPV project, attended, and brought this to my attention. Hopefully the slides from the presentations will soon be available on the website.

We look forward to a new Palgrave Macmillan publication in 2016 from Rachel Condry and Caroline Miles, bringing together the findings of the Oxford APV study; and I know that there are other books at various stages of creation around the world. More information as it becomes available!

The number of courses on Non-Violent Resistance, particularly favoured by the addition community, continues to grow and there are now opportunities for online training too.

And last, but certainly not least, some interesting conversations I have had with a number of people recently which I will be exploring on these pages over the next months:

  • Delivering group programmes to parents with a mixture of languages, and issues to do with bi-lingual work.
  • Working with families with children with special needs – can we adapt programmes or do we need a different understanding and approach?
  • “Intentionality”: Thinking more about agency, and the control young people have over their emotions and actions.

So, a background hum perhaps, rather than a fanfare, but certainly things to keep us going and drive the momentum for the next months. And do let me know about other events, publications and reasons to celebrate, so that we can all benefit from learning, wherever it takes place.

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