Child to parent violence, nothing new under the sun

An article from the Independent newspaper from 1995 was brought to my attention by a tweet from Amanda Holt. The piece, “He’s my son. I love him. But he beats me up“, demonstrates that CPV is far from a new phenomenon, that even 20 years ago there was evidence of children as young as 8 years old involved – and that the connection with intimate partner violence for many families was recognised. In fact it brings together neatly the impact on daily lives as families try to avoid anyone knowing what is going on, the humiliation of having to ask for help, and each woman’s belief that she is the only one involved because of the secrecy around the issue.

Thankfully there is now help available at any earlier stage – but parents may still struggle to find the understanding and support they need close to home.

I believe the legislation mentioned here, the Family Homes and Domestic Violence Bill, was enacted in Northern Ireland, but not in England and Wales.


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2 responses to “Child to parent violence, nothing new under the sun

  1. Happiness to Heartbreak

    Your blog came to my attention whilst I continue to research this topic. I do so as a victim of violence from my teenage son. My own blog has been detailing some of what is happening to me. Today after he rages after many days of calm, I feel saddened that I may loose this battle. I truly believe he will loose his temper with me and this time he will be imprisoned. He is currently severing a 10 month referral order for a knife attack on me. I have zero support and am living with a ticking time bomb. I am on the edge of giving up, as ashamed of this that I am.

    • I have just spent the last quarter of an hour reading your blog and am truly saddened to read of your struggles, but all my apologies and concern will not help I know at the moment. Know that you are believed and that people are thinking of you and hoping for a change in your situation for the better. You mention that you have been in touch with people at Rosalie Ryrie and also in Derbyshire. Keep talking! To have the support of folk who understand without you having to explain yourself is so important. The Parentline phone support from Family Lives may also provide some strength to carry on. You are in our thoughts.

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