Teens see violence as normal

Eddie Gallagher has drawn my attention to an article in www.dailylife.com.au, commenting on an apparent rise in domestic violence crimes in New South Wales involving juveniles as the aggressor. (A 6.5% increase between 2008 and 2012 in the 10 -17 age group) This increase comes at a time when overall figures from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show a decline in juvenile crime in every other area, and has sparked concerns that teens now see aggression as a normal part of life.

Rather confusingly, the article then goes on the link the practice of filming fights and posting footage on social media sites as responsible for an increase in general youth violence – which is not backed up by the statistics. The undermining of parental authority in the home and the trend for parents to want to be friends with their children rather than mentors, are also cited as possible causes.

More interestingly, boys were shown to be responsible for 886 of the recorded domestic violence incidents last year, while 429 were committed by girls. Gallagher comments that gives a differential of 32% girls, aligning with his own research, which he believe to be a more accurate picture than claims of an equal make female split. It remains likely that true overall figures are higher due to under-reporting because of shame and stigma.


For those in England interested in finding out more, there are still places available on two training events in the few next weeks.

Who’s in Charge? conference and training in Ipswich at the end of June (where Eddie Gallagher will be speaking).

Eighth Respect National Practitioners Seminar on Young People’s use of Violence in Close Relationships in London at the beginning of July.

Details of both and how to book can be found on my Events and Training Page.

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