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Breaking the Cycle of child-to-parent violence and abuse

It’s always good to see new books published in this field, and so I was pleased to take a look at this “self-guided course for parents of angry, aggressive adolescents or teens” from Elaine Morgan and Laurie Reid. Published by Breaking the Cycle Consulting, Breaking the Cycle of Child-to-Parent Violence and Abuse is available direct from the authors or from Amazon.



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Breaking the Cycle in Florida

When I reported recently on the legislative proposals being put forward in Florida, some people expressed concern that the response to children’s violence to their parents was taking a very punitive turn, rather than seeking to support the family through therapeutic interventions. While some would argue that there will always be a need for a criminal justice response in extreme situations I was pleased to hear about an organisation offering a different approach. Breaking the Cycle, describing themselves as “the leading voice on child to parent abuse and violence“, offer a family intervention program and are hosting 2 conferences in the next weeks. There are more details on their website which details the background and theories informing their work.

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