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A successful year for Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme

A year ago I spotted a piece in the Hertfordshire local press about a big lottery grant awarded to a new project working with families experiencing child to parent violence.  Last week Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme celebrated a successful year, and invited me to join them for a reception.


Sandra Ashley, Director (second left), Carole Hassell (right), Geoff Ogden from the Management Team and Carol Lewis (left ), pictured above, were joined by local councilors, Chris Mitchell, Paul Seeby, John Barfoot ,  the Broxbourne MP Charles Walker. Dunston Patterson from the Youth Justice Board, and representatives from the local Parks Department and police were also present. Continue reading

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Parent abuse in the Independent

An article about parent abuse in the Independent this weekend managed to reference and quote Family Lives, Lynette Robinson, Rachel Condry and Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme, all in under 500 words. Well done, Sarah Cassidy!

The Big Lottery grant to Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Project has brought the subject of parent abuse once more to the attention of the media. An informative piece is illustrated with a case study from an interview with one of the Hertfordshire parents

Sadly, the ‘comments’ go some way to explaining why this aspect of family violence remains so under-reported. Breaking through this barrage of ignorance, prejudice and downright vitriol, seems as far away as ever.


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Parent abuse project wins Big Lottery funding

Congratulations to Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme, awarded £186,500 from the Big Lottery Fund, for their “I-Trust-U-Trust-Me” project which aims to reduce violence by children and young people against their parents.

The announcement was picked up by the Bourne Local news:

Director, Sandra Ashley, said: “Our new project is about breaking cycles of child-on-parent domestic violence. This behaviour can often be learned after witnessing partner-to-partner violence, which continues following one parent leaving and the child taking on the role of aggressor. We work to ensure that parents understand the importance of staying safe and dealing with this emotive issue. There are a lot of agencies set up to deal with adult-on-adult domestic violence, but not child to parent.” Sara Betsworth, Big Lottery Fund’s head of the East of England region, said, “Domestic violence between adults damages families but it is not well known that child-on-parent abuse can also follow from that. Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme is an extremely interesting and valuable new project to tackle this under-reported domestic violence and break this cycle of abuse.

The project also won a mention in the Society section of the national Guardian.

My plan to create a resources page here, listing projects such as this, still remains a plan  . . . but will hopefully come to fruition soon!

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