Parent abuse in the Independent

An article about parent abuse in the Independent this weekend managed to reference and quote Family Lives, Lynette Robinson, Rachel Condry and Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme, all in under 500 words. Well done, Sarah Cassidy!

The Big Lottery grant to Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Project has brought the subject of parent abuse once more to the attention of the media. An informative piece is illustrated with a case study from an interview with one of the Hertfordshire parents

Sadly, the ‘comments’ go some way to explaining why this aspect of family violence remains so under-reported. Breaking through this barrage of ignorance, prejudice and downright vitriol, seems as far away as ever.


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3 responses to “Parent abuse in the Independent

  1. Jo Howard

    Hello from Australia. Its fabulous to see initiatives like this taking off. By coincidence I was contacted by a Melbourne journalist from Herfortshire who wants to cover the issue from an Australian perspective. In Victoria, Australia the rates of police call outs re youth violence in the home is growing by 12% per year – last year there were over 2000 police call outs where offenders were aged under 18 years! All the best Herfortshire (where my parents also grew up) in this important work. Jo Howard

  2. Thank you to Helen, Sarah, Lynette and now Jo for continuing to raise awareness of Child/Teen/Parent Abuse. Following our successful Big Lottery grant we can now ensure that no parent in Hertfordshire has to endure this unreported and hidden behaviour.
    Sandra Ashley Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme

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