Where are the posters on the back of toilet doors?

A few weeks ago someone tweeted a photo of a poster in a toilet cubicle advertising domestic abuse services (in this case in Australia), and it reminded me of a plea which had been made at a conference I attended, that we should make it easier for individuals to find out about the help available to them if they are being abused by their children …

A good poster needs a number of characteristics. It needs to be eye-catching; it needs to be thought provoking; it needs to be clear in what it is saying; and hopefully it will offer help as well. There are already some brilliant examples out there – see for instance these two which were posted around Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day by services in Devon.


This is a plea for agencies to think about whether they can produce something similar!

How can we help parents identify what they experience as more than ‘normal teenage behaviour’ or something they just have to put up with? How can we encourage friends to think about the trouble someone they know is going through and prompt them to ask questions or offer support? How can people know where to make that first call or to get help?

Recently I posted about a leaflet produced by services in South Tyneside, another way of reaching families, generating awareness and offering support. While it takes a deliberate decision to pick up a leaflet though, we can catch people with a poster in different ways – particularly if it’s staring them in the face!

There are websites offering downloadable templates, and designers among us. I look forward to seeing what we, as a community create. Do send examples you have seen or displayed, including whether there are copyrighted or free to reproduce. Happy creating!


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