Adolescent Family Violence Research in Australia, report launch

The Adolescent Family Violence Research team from Monash University are due to launch their research report in August, in Melbourne, Australia.

This Report presents the findings of a qualitative study examining adolescent family violence in Victoria. The study involved two phases – a survey with 120 persons experiencing adolescent family violence as well as focus groups and in-depth interviews with 45 experts, service providers, General Practitioners and health service providers.

Our findings explore gender, age and types of adolescent family violence; impacts and experiences of adolescent family violence, social structures and responses, the role of the criminal justice system and recommended future work in this area. While primarily Victorian focused, the findings are of relevance to all Australian jurisdictions and comparative countries.

The research brief can be read here, and further background can be found on the project webpage, including exciting news about the imminent establishment of an International Network Addressing Filial Violence, which meets for the first time in Prato, Italy this September. “The aim for this network is to bring together leading experts to undertake focused research on the commission of violence by children against their parents across the life course.” Dr Kate Fitz-Gibbon and Professor Rachel Condry will be leading on this.

The Context Report, Investigating Adolescent Family Violence: Background, Research and Directions, can be found here.

The research team published some of their early findings in a piece in the Conversation in July last year. This includes testimony from parents.



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