Children who have experienced loss and trauma

I was very proud recently to be asked to contribute to an educational programme developed by the University of Sunderland.

CELT picture



Children who have Experienced Loss and Trauma is an online training programme consisting of a series of short modules, each of which can be completed over a period of ten weeks, focussing on this area of work. My module, An Introduction to Child to Parent Violence, is available from mid July, and more information can be found on the CELT website.

The programme addresses the need for easily accessible CPD and introductory training for a variety of professionals and carers, and anyone interested in learning more.


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5 responses to “Children who have experienced loss and trauma

  1. colettemorgan

    Fantastic news, I may have to sign up in the near future, congratulations Helen.

  2. Thanks Helen, I will definitely do that. Colette

  3. Blueberry2

    Looks of interest.
    How about suggesting to the Adoption Support Fund that they give you a grant to make this accessible to adoptive families for free? Maybe possible via Adoption UK or Open Nest or PAFCA?

    • Thank you for your interest in this. The whole series of modules is very relevant for adoptive families, as for others involved in working and caring for vulnerable children. Perhaps you would like to pass on your thoughts to the organisers of the modules at the University of Sunderland, via their website.

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