Research round-up

I’m really pleased to let you know that the reports for the Daphne RCPV project are finally completed, and these, along with related resources are now available on their website. These include conference presentations, CPV evaluation framework and tools, self-efficacy questionnaires, toolkits including those for Break4Change and NVR, and the RCPV films: “Defining CPV” and “Project Findings”. The website will be updated twice a year, so do check it out from time to time for new material. Some of these reports are also available in Spanish, Swedish and Bulgarian.

Paula Wilcox writes: There are no simple answers to the goals and questions addressed by this study. However, we believe that the reports and the other outputs of the project (policy and training films, practitioner manuals and toolkits) represent robust and positive outcomes which will be valuable to those working in the field although there will continue to be debates about the best way/s of tackling CPV. The project results could not have been achieved without the high level of commitment shown by RCPV partners and others; their willingness to cooperate in this enterprise and the sheer amount of work which was undertaken by many people to take us over the finishing line was amazing. We are even more grateful to the parents and young people who have helped the project by giving their voices on their experiences and how they have overcome CPV.

We hope the project resources will be useful for managers and professionals in all relevant fields for raising awareness and for training purposes, as well as for the wider public, parents and young people. Please feel free to share them with colleagues or friends and to contact us with any comments.

This was a project that I was privileged to follow from the start, and I continue to enjoy the support of many of the chief protagonists!

Islay Downey is asking for help in the completion of a project aimed at improving training and developing services around CPV in the UK and worldwide.

Following the publication of our book ‘Parenting a Violent Child’ in February this year, my colleague Kim Furnish and I are working on an innovative project to support parents who are experiencing Child to Parent Violence (CPV). A recent review by Brighton University found that 1 in 10 families experience CPV, and this is likely to be a conservative figure due to the levels of stigma and under reporting. Parents often feel judged, and feel ashamed to talk openly about the problem. This pioneering programme allows parents to be supported on a 1-1 basis at their own convenience, in their own homes by telephone or Internet, anywhere in the country. Our project is a collaboration with Healios, a NICE compliant service tailored to families and carers of those with mental and physical health issues. Our aim is to provide psycho-education and parenting skills training to parents who are experiencing CPV. This will be achieved through a combination of technology, education and live professional coaching. We intend to run a pilot offering the service to 30 of our website subscribers.

She has a questionnaire for completion by families or practitioners. You can find more information about her work here.

Finally, a PhD student has asked me for help in securing 2 further interviews for her work examining young people’s violence towards parents from a psychological perspective. She would like to speak to a young person involved and also a professional with a background in psychotherapy. If you can help with this request then please email me and I will pass on the details. Thank you

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