Child to parent violence: An ever expanding library

This year is set to be an exciting one in terms of books about child to parent violence. I have done a brief round up here and will be writing more about each as they are published. If there are others I have missed please let me know (send me a copy!) and I will cover them too.


Parenting a Violent Child: Steps to taking back control and creating a happier home, by parenting consultants Islay Downey and Kim Furnish, Darton Longman and Todd, February 2015

Parenting a Violent Child information sheet



Working with Adolescent Violence and Abuse Towards Parents, Approaches and Contexts for Intervention, edited by Amanda Holt. Routledge, August 2015

An international group of experts presents and explores what we know about what works when supporting families affected by adolescent violence and abuse.

Part 1 discusses some well-established intervention approaches and programmes, looking at their theoretical base and relevant assessment, delivery and evaluation issues. It provides readers with a theoretical framework and toolkit for use in their own intervention work.

Part 2 presents examples of innovative practice, with an emphasis on diverse institutional settings, geographical locations and other important contexts that shape practice. It provides readers with an understanding of some of the complexities involved in this kind of intervention work, offering tools and strategies to be applied in their own work.

Chapters from Amanda HoltGreg Routt and Lily AndersonEddie GallagherHaim OmerJane Evans; Roberto Pereira; Latesha Murphy-Edwards; Ester McGeeney, Fiona Barakat, Gjori Langeland and Shem Williams; Kristin Whitehill Bolton, Peter Lehman and Catheleen Jordan; Kathleen Daly and Dannielle Wade; Jo Howard.


Uncovering Adolescent to Parent Violence by Rachel Condry and Caroline Miles. Palgrave Macmillan, due 2015

This book provides a criminological analysis of the problem of adolescent to parent violence. It is based upon a three year ESRC-funded research project which has investigated the extent and nature of adolescent to parent violence in the UK, parents’ and adolescents’ experiences, and how cases are responded to within the criminal justice system. This is the first large-scale study of adolescent to parent violence in UK and has utilised a range of methods to try to understand this complex and multi-faceted phenomenon. The book will frame and map the problem of adolescent to parent violence, and present original data and evidence from analysis of police records and case files, over 100 interviews (with practitioners, experts, parents and young people), and fieldwork with police and youth justice services. It will provide the first large-scale evidence in the UK of the existence of the problem, the need for a co-ordinated policy response, and the breadth and depth of how it is experienced by families.


Paula Wilcox and Michelle Pooley “Children who are violent to their parents need protection too” in Domestic Violence and Protecting Children: New Thinking and Approaches, edited by N Stanley and C Humphreys, Jessica Kingsley, due summer 2015.


In future posts I hope to bring news of other books that can be used in work with young people and with their parents. Keep reading!



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