Parent abuse: looking back, looking forward

It is the traditional time for looking back – and looking forward – a time when many of us reassess our hopes and dreams, and make new plans for the future. I recently wrote a guest blog for the Oxford APV website, looking back over the last ten years of work in this field. I don’t want to rehash what I wrote there – go take a look – but here are some more musings and a bit more detail to some earlier hints for the direction of my work in the coming months.

The Daphne RCPV project reaches its conclusion in 2015, with a final conference in January, and I will be presenting a paper there about the social work response to children’s violence to parents. As a social worker  myself, this is something that is dear to my heart. With many changes going on within social work at the moment, it is a good time to wave the flag and create some noise. It will be important too to hear about what happens next within the five countries that have been part of that project.

The balance of my activities changed somewhat over the last twelve months and this will certainly continue. With fewer speaking engagements, I have been putting my energy into a working group drawing up adolescent to parent violence guidance for the VAWG action plan; and the much anticipated Mapping Project has been taking its first tiny steps. We are ready to start entering data on this at a pilot level in the first instance, but stand by for more detail as it progresses. Most importantly though, I have been talking for a long time about writing a book and I have decided that 2015 is the year that I have to do this or forget it. In response to  frequent requests for advice on setting up services, or what to do if there is nothing available locally, I plan to provide some guidance based around listening to the experts – the families involved. I have started interviews for this and am already excited about the way it is going!

Continuing the theme, a number of books on APV are due for publication in 2015. I will be publicising these and reviewing them as soon as I can. Let me know too if there are books that you can recommend to other practitioners and we can look at them as well!

It is over three and a half years that I have been blogging here and I am often asked how long I plan to carry on. Strangely (for me) I have never given it much thought, but I certainly intend to carry on for the forseeable. Having said that, I always welcome input from other people and will be hassling you if I meet you at a conference or training event! Please do continue to add your comments and continue the discussion; and send me details of events you would like to see publicised on the website too. I try to post something every week, but it does depend on what I get hold of, and other commitments!

So for now, I wish you all a very good new year: hope and strength for families, courage and success for those developing services, perseverance for those writing and researching – and a pinch of fun to go with wisdom for all!


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