Child to parent violence: Mapping provision

For some time now a group of people across academia, the public and third sectors have been working on a project to map provision for child to parent violence across Britain. I wrote about this earlier in the year when we hoped it would all be done by now. No laughing at the back! Let’s just say that we are taking an ultra cautious approach.

For such a resource to be of value it needs to be accurate, and we are also concerned to deal with matters of assessing safety and effectiveness. While it is somewhat easier now to talk about violence from children to parents, and there has been an increase in provision over the last few years, this is still scattered unevenly across the country and many families remain unable to access specialist help when they need it. As well as enabling parents and practitioners to identify and locate support more easily, it is hoped that it might provide useful information for commissioners looking to develop a service, and also highlight areas which are particularly under-resourced for some targeted campaigning.

* Are you aware of a local service that could be included?

* Do you work with families experiencing child to parent violence?

* Have you attended training nationally or in your locality with a view to starting up a service?

If any of these ring true for you, please do get in touch via the “contact” page. The project is taking longer than we had anticipated but is still very much moving forward; and I hope there will be more news of this in the next few months.


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