Writing about violence from children

Recently I have been contacted by a number of people also blogging about teenage violence, or about diagnoses associated with children exhibiting violence to their parents or others.

Understanding PDA is a website / blog by Jane Sherwin, bringing a wealth of experience about  Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome, including a helpful booklet which explains the syndrome for professionals as well as parents, and sharing strategies that have worked with her nine year old daughter.

Dinky and Me is another personal story of life with a young child with PDA, the ups and downs and telling interventions that have not gone well because of a lack of sensitivity or awareness by professionals.

Teenage Violence at Home is a relatively new site written by a family who adopted three children who had experienced extreme early trauma some sixteen years ago. They now live with the youngest only, following years of what can only be described as terror from the older two. They hope their site will be an encouragement to other parents to come out into the open to share their experiences.

Please also take a look at The Adoption Social, and The Open Nest, two English websites set up by adopters to provide a network of support and to educate others about the ups and downs of adopting often severely traumatised children, who can then become violent within the home. The Open Nest has recently produced a short animated film depicting the problems faced by families seeking support.

There are of course many other websites offering information, encouragement and support. Please do join the conversation and comment with sites that you have found particularly useful.


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4 responses to “Writing about violence from children

  1. janesherwin

    Helen thank you so much for taking the time to investigate PDA and for highlighting mine and Dinky’s blog. I am so very grateful for your time and open mindedness. xxxxx

  2. janesherwin

    Reblogged this on Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome an autism spectrum condition and commented:
    Thank you to ‘Holes In The Wall’ blog written by Helen Bonnick, a professional who has dedicated her career to studying and raising awareness of child on parent abuse.

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