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National Congress on Child to Parent Violence in Valencia

After a delay of 2 years because of the pandemic, the National Congress finally met in Spain last week, attended by around 200 experts in the field. You can read a report on the gathering in the University of Valencia News, and there were people tweeting throughout the event, for more coverage.

“Within the last 20 years there have been many advances. Even though this still is an invisible problem its gaining visibility, and society is becoming more aware of this type of problem. Now we have intervention programmes specialized in child to parent violence and this is a huge step forward in hepling families and young people. We can also state that now there is an agreement among the professionals that it is a relational problem, that is necessary to work with the families and to involve the parents. It is also important to point out that at the beginning the phenomenon was only considered to be tackled from the judicial sphere and now the focus is on prevention and awareness”, María José Ridaura, vice-president of SEVIFIP and psychologist at Fundación Amigó, said.

Spain has long been a leader in the field for research, and developed a formal response to child to parent violence ahead of many other countries, based within youth justice and family therapy services. It is interesting in reading the coverage to note the advances made even recently, and how these are echoed within Britain, one notable exception being the agreement, within Spain, on a definition!

For Twitter coverage, see @Fundacion Amigo and @SEVIFIP

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