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Teenagers Speak

I was very moved to hear the Teens’ Speech on the radio last weekend and thought it worth linking to here.

Kate Tempest, performance poet, presents her specially commissioned piece which was written for the 2009 Barnardo’s Teens’ Speech project.

The full 17 minute film from the project can also be viewed here.

A reminder that each one of us is individual, complex and sensitive in our own way.

A positive story to start the new year.

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Restorative Justice: the positive story

Some lively discussion on the BBC last week around the use of “informal” community responses to violent crime, including Restorative Justice practice, focused on adult crime. As well as a rather dismissive tone in the description of these techniques as “informal”, one of the main concerns in discussion was with regard to the inappropriateness of restorative justice in the case of domestic violence, where vulnerable women in particular may be pressured into accepting “unreal” apologies from perpetrators. But of course the story may be very different with children and adolescents using violence in the home, where restorative techniques have been found to be extremely positive, enabling children to acknowledge their abusive behaviour, restoring family relationships and avoiding the criminalisation that might otherwise follow involvement in the youth justice system. Continue reading

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