NVR in Context

The publishers of Context, the magazine for members of the Association for Family Therapy, have graciously allowed me to pass on the link to the April 2014 issue of their magazine, which focuses on child to parent violence and NVR in particular as an appropriate model of work with families across many profiles.

Following the editorial from Alex Millham, you will find papers by a wide range of authors and practitioners.

Presence, resistance and attachment – “I am your parent; I will stay your parent”, an interview with Haim Omer, by Alex Millham

The ‘sit-in’ – A demonstration of parental presence, an interview with Uri Weinblatt by Alex Millham

Love bombs as acts of resistance: Reflections on non-violent resistant practice, an interview with Rachael Aylmer by Alex Millham

“We couldn’t give up on our son”: One non-violent resistance case study – many voices, Michelle Shapiro and the family members

‘Strike when the iron is cold’: Non-violent resistance in a child and adolescent psychiatric ward setting, Nick Goddard

Becoming a quiet leader: Non-violent resistance therapy with the parents of learning disabled young people who have become violent, Alex Millham

Using announcements within a multi-cultural/faith context, Shila Desai

Application of the non-violent resistance approach to gangs, Elisabeth Heismann, Dorota Rospierska and Helen Weatherley

The unmet needs of the child in non-violent resistance: Integrating developmental-dyadic-psychotherapy approaches  – lessons from working with adoptive families, Denise Wilson and Margaret Smith

Fathers and non-violent resistance, Julia Jude and Veronica Rivera

Restoring competence and confidence – non-violent resistance as a response to child-to-parent violence in Ireland, Declan Coogan and Eileen Lauster

Non-violent resistance: a community-group programme for Latin American families, Liz Day and Gilda Flores Aqueveque

From Gandhi to therapy: Some reflections on the meaning of non-violence in systemic practice, Peter Jakob

Non-violence and a focus on the child: A UK perspective, Peter Jakob, Jim Wilson and Mary Newman

Examining the evidence for the non-violent resistance approach as an effective treatment for adolescents with conduct disorder, Barbara Gieniusz

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