Breaking the Cycle in Florida

When I reported recently on the legislative proposals being put forward in Florida, some people expressed concern that the response to children’s violence to their parents was taking a very punitive turn, rather than seeking to support the family through therapeutic interventions. While some would argue that there will always be a need for a criminal justice response in extreme situations I was pleased to hear about an organisation offering a different approach. Breaking the Cycle, describing themselves as “the leading voice on child to parent abuse and violence“, offer a family intervention program and are hosting 2 conferences in the next weeks. There are more details on their website which details the background and theories informing their work.

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  1. Thanks Helen for posting. In Florida many are seeking legislative efforts to define Parent Abuse similar to Domestic Violence. And as part of that legislative push, Breaking the Cycle is working tirelessly to educate individuals, community and politicians on the need for APPROPRIATE services like Breaking the Cycle to help families. Currently, the definition of APPROPRIATE services are not defined as easily which is why Breaking the Cycle empowers the Parent Voice to be heard loudly.

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