Parent Abuse Action Coalition moves for legislation in Florida

Please take the time to look at and support the work of Homer Hartage and colleagues, through the Hartage Youth Enrichment Foundation, in Florida, USA.

The Parent Abuse Action Coalition mission is the creation of a coordinated response from federal, state or local government to Parent Abuse similar to what currently exist for Elder Abuse regulations, to get legislation submitted in all 50 states and create responsive services for parents.

Hartage was very moved by the death of Rosemary Pate at the hands of her 19 year old son after years of abuse (more here and here) and is working to create support systems so that this need not happen again.

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One response to “Parent Abuse Action Coalition moves for legislation in Florida

  1. Identifying the characteristics of CPV helps to develop responses tailored to the needs.

    IN our experience,in work with families experiencing CPV, the coordinated response from different professionals (psychotherapeutic , social, legal , …) is very positive.

    A society that has sensitivity to legislate specifically about CPV, is surely a sensitized society. It as a pity that this situation is originated in a dramatic happening. I am sure that is better do it from an analysis of the real situation before a death occurs. The goal as a society should be the development of actions to minimize or prevent CPV.

    However, i want to remark two aspects :

    – Is lawmaking is the same as prosecution ? . If the sole reason for the legislation is to prosecute, then we are not helping the families therapeutically and the problem will not be solved for them or society.
    – If the child is 19, 20 , 21 years old… is this still CPV ? In all societies, do not the children become independent of their parents at 18?

    José Alberto Llamazares.
    Resp. Centro Hobetzen
    Asociación Educativa Berriztu.

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