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I have written in the past about speaking to the media, and some time ago I also blogged about a television company who had been commissioned to produce a documentary about parent abuse. This programme is no longer in production, but I had a very interesting meeting yesterday with Nick Poyntz of PopkornTV who has been brought on board as Director for a programme commissioned by Channel 5. Popkorn have also been pursuing this idea for a while but Nick has brought a new lease of life to the project. We spent over an hour exploring the need for sensitivity, understanding of the ethical issues, input from families into the editing process, and underlying agenda. Nick assures me that there is no hidden story, simply as desire to show the levels of family violence many people experience, to raise awareness and perhaps contribute as a result to campaigning within the policy arena. “My aim, on this project as with all my films, is to make a collaborative documentary which not only gets to the heart of the issues but also benefits those involved.

Nick’s own experiences in life have contributed to a series of thoughtful programmes about sensitive and complex issues, often in uncharted waters, which have already aired. “I have previously made a number of films from the perspective of children where I have given cameras to children to record their stories, thoughts and feelings as they waited to be adopted or fostered and also a feature length documentary looking at the issues of being raised by a single father when mum has gone.” Other acclaimed and award wining productions include God’s Cadets (BBC4 Jan 2014), Golden Oldies (BBC1 Oct 2012), The Protectors (BBC1 2005).

Nick has begun the process of meeting with practitioners and families through his own investigations and contacts and has now asked me to bring his project to wider attention in the hope of attracting further interest. If you would like to explore this further with him then please do contact him on the details listed below.

CPV Appeal NP.2

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