The Adolescent to Parent Violence Practitioner Forum – doing it different in Leeds

Jenny Bright, of Leeds YOS, has sent me the following report of a highly successful forum meeting in Leeds last week.

The second APV practitioner forum was held in Leeds on the 11th October 2012.The forum originated in Wakefield, initiated and led by Sally Fawcett.  Sally developed, coordinated and facilitates the “Do it Different” Teen to Parent Abuse group work programme. In the absence of national direction on the issue of APV, Sally was keen to initiate a “bottom up” approach where practitioners get together to share knowledge and practice. There was an overwhelming consensus from the forum that it should be held regularly and it was agreed that areas would take it in turns to host.

Leeds YOS hosted the second forum and there was a great response with 30 people attending from 16 areas, demonstrating an enthusiasm across the North to develop services to address the issue of APV. Programmes are due to start in Sheffield, Liverpool and Hull and the practitioners shared knowledge about their programmes; how to develop funding bids and tips about how they had made progress in their areas. There was frustration expressed at the lack of national direction and resources for APV however those areas who had developed their own programmes advised the forum that their best advice was “just do it” and develop your own responses, based on existing good practice. The afternoon was dedicated to demonstrating parts of sessions for young people or parents, with Leeds YOT demonstrating some of their parenting work and Sally Fawcett with the Rosalie Ryrie Foundation demonstrating their young person and parent work.

It is clear that there is a huge practitioner interest in APV and this is driving practice forward in areas. The next forum will be hosted by Liverpool YOT in January 2013.

Many of us will recognise the frustration at the lack of national direction and resources, but we should not underestimate the value of bottom-up development. With clearly outlined, tried and tested programmes being rolled out around the country there is a real sense of progress in this field.

More information about Sally Fawcett and Do it Different (taken from the Alternative Restoratives site) can be found here.

Please do send reports of events, seminars, training days . . . We can all learn and all celebrate together!

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  1. Exciting News! Wonderful to hear it.

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