Parent abuse themed issue, Social Policy and Society

The journal, Social Policy and Society, is carrying a themed section entitled Exploring Parent Abuse, in the April 2012 issue (Vol. 11, issue 2),  with a series of nine articles.

Introduction: Exploring Parent Abuse – Building Knowledge across Disciplines, Caroline Hunter and Judy Nixon

Parent Abuse: Can Law Be the Answer? Caroline Hunter and Christine Piper

Practitioners’ Constructions of Parent Abuse, Judy Nixon

Adolescent to Parent Violence and Youth Justice in England and Wales, Rachel Condry and Caroline Miles

Parent Abuse by Young People on the Edge of Care: A Child Welfare Perspective, Nina Biehal

Problematising the Relationship between Teenage Boys and Parent Abuse: Constructions of Masculinity and Violence, Helen Baker

Is Parent Abuse a Form of Domestic Violence? Paula Wilcox

Researching Parent Abuse: A Critical Review of the Methods, Amanda Holt

Some Useful Sources, Caroline Hunter and Judy Nixon

It is certainly good to see the growth in interest and research in the field of parent abuse within Britain.

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