Data Comparison

Eddie Gallagher has been comparing his data on abuser profiles with that of Routt and Anderson. (see my post of August 10th)

Gallagher sample          N=340 Step-up             N=268
Girls 30% 30%
Sole Mums 55% 53%
Exposed to DV 49% 53%
Any diagnostic label 42% 40%
Diagnosed Bi-polar 0% 19%
ADHD 20% 13%

The similarities are certainly remarkable!

A number of observations from Gallagher:

The Routt and Anderson data refers to court mandated attendees in the US, whereas his sample in Australia concerns young people within the mental health arena. The approximate same number of young people are receiving diagnoses, though of a different type across the 2 samples. It has been confirmed that almost all the young people in the US sample are on medication, whereas only about 20% of the Australian group are. Is this a culturally different approach to medication?

I would also be interested to see comparisons on ethnicity, as my observation would be that different groups take different routes to help.

Looking forward to hearing more from Eddie at the Bournemouth conference next Tuesday!

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