A number of links that have popped up recently

Envision Counselling and Support Centre

A new page about parent abuse posted by Envision, a Canadian counselling and support service, based in southeast Saskatchewan.

The Silent Suffering of Parent Abuse

I first came across this a couple of years ago and it has popped up again this week. “Lou Purplefairy” writes from her own experience of being abused by her own child. She offers an interesting and informative article about parent abuse, followed by advice about getting help. There are a number of comments, which have built up over two years, largely from parents sharing their own harrowing experiences. Sadly, all seem to have had very negative responses from social services, and the advice given is to steer well clear of them. There is also a “mini-theme” about parents being emasculated by the nanny state. This really needs tackling somehow, as it comes up again and again in comments and tabloid press. I have absolutely no sense of how many people actually believe it, but presumably enough!

Finally, my google alert of 16th August sent me to Eddie Gallagher’s website and his 2006 correspondence with a mother regarding her daughter’s abusive behaviour: a heartwarming story of success, and an interesting follow-up to my last post.

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