Exciting training opportunities!

Two more training opportunities have come to my attention recently.

Eddie Gallagher will be visiting the UK at the beginning of September 2011, before heading off to Spain for an international conference. He is inviting offers for training workshops particularly.  He can be contacted at gallagher@aanet.com.au

Lynette Robinson, of Alternative Restoratives, is organising a professional awareness raising conference regarding adolescent to parent violence on September 22nd 2011, in the north of England. Lynette comes from a youth justice background where restorative justice has been used for some time, and she has done some interesting work in applying this approach to families experiencing parent abuse. More information at http://www.alternativerestoratives.co.uk/teen_violence.htm

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  1. carole lucas

    hi my name is carole i have a teenage son who nearly 18 , iv had hard time for last 3 year we both have , it started with him getting into wrong people and went from there really. we on the right road now but iv took alot of anger and mental abuse plus violence from him to get him here today plus learning alot of things i said and did wasnt the right way always . i never stopped loving him but at times i hated the way he was! my story ended with me charging him and getting him on a referal order, after many times kicking him out , and him having to go on a 10 week program called do it differntly if it hadnt been for this course he would of been locked up for alot worse , and i know as a parent this is hard to do but it was the only option i had left and i dont regret it one bit i went on the program with him he went thursday and i friday and now i can honestly say im going to be proud of what he achieves in his life.

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