Responding to Child to Parent Violence Project 2013-15

Responding to child to parent violence (rcpv) was a multi-agency action learning research project led by Dr Paula Wilcox from the University of Brighton. RCPV carried out the first ever cross-European, multi-agency, collaborative response to the serious and growing problem of Child to Parent Violence (CPV) in Spain, Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden and England.

Sadly the rcpv website is no longer accessible, and so I have attempted to gather together all the resources produced as part of this groundbreaking research here. Where they are also available elsewhere, I have indicated this. Please do submit other resources if you have copies, so that this valuable archive is not lost. I have also included reports and summaries from other sources.

A film produced at the launch of the research project in 2013

An early version of the RCPV website with many of the resources on it (This includes downloadable presentations from the 2014 conference in Galway)

A report on the project from the University of Brighton, including links to 2 videos (Michelle Pooley talking about the definition and and Paula Wilcox discussing findings) and a separate link to a brief report on the final conference in 2015

A report from the 2014 conference in Galway, written by Paula Wilcox and Clare Thompson

A link to the European Commission website listing about the research project

RCPV Executive Summary

RCPV Research and Data Mapping, Workstream 1

Break4Change Programme Toolkit (English language, Spanish language and Bulgarian language)

Break4Change Parenting Group (English language and Swedish language)

Power2Change Programme (Ireland) Also available on the NVR Ireland website

Country Report: England

Country Report: Ireland

Raising Awareness: Bulgaria (Bulgarian language and English language)

Development of Self-Efficacy Tools, Workstream 3

Self-Efficacy Questionnaires

Evaluation Framework (English language and Spanish language)

RCPV Report on Dissemination, Workstream 5

Non-Violent Resistance Handbook for Practitioners (2nd edition) Also available on the NVR Ireland website

RCPV Project Achievements Leaflet

RCPV Project Films (link to YouTube)

  • The RCPV Action Research Project Findings Film
  • Definitions of Child to Parent Violence Film
  • Parents Assessment Process Film
  • Young People Assessment Process Film
  • Cycle of Change Film
  • Communication IMessaging Film
  • Changing Abusive Behaviour into Non-abusive Behaviour Film
  • Narrative Therapy Highlighting Skills and Strengths
  • Anger Control Sequence Film
  • Role of Supervision in CPV Exemplifying Film
  • The Creative Process Film
  • The Film Dialogue Process
  • The NVR Announcement Role Play Film
  • The NVR Support Network Film