Safeguarding Adolescents in London: survey for professionals

I am very happy to support the dissemination of this survey from the London Safeguarding Adolescents Steering Group, developed to inform improvements to the safeguarding of young people aged 10 – 17. If you are engaged in work with young people in London, please do read this letter and complete the survey.

Please note that this survey is now closed, but I have kept the links here for the interest of those involved in work in this field.

Dear all

Safeguarding Adolescents in London – survey for professionals

In 2016 the London Assistant Directors Network, Metropolitan Police Service, Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, London Councils, NHS England (London Region), the London Heads of Community Safety, London Youth and a range of other associations joined together to form the London Safeguarding Adolescents Steering Group (LSASG). The group formed in response to evidence being generated by local site work and case reviews conducted by University of Bedfordshire and the MsUnderstood partnership which has suggested the need for improvements to London’s approach to safeguarding young people aged 10-17.

The group is committed to developing a coherent London policy framework for supporting local practice, including the development of a supplementary chapter in the London Child Protection Procedures on Safeguarding Adolescents. In order to draft the chapter the LSASG is surveying London practitioners for their views.

  • Do you feel as though you understand safeguarding in the context of keeping adolescents safe equal to, or greater than, safeguarding younger children
  • What are your experiences of trying to keep young people safe in London?
  • What are some examples of good practice when keeping adolescents?
  • Are there particular challenges you have experienced when trying to safeguard adolescents?
  • Where do you need further resources, guidance and support – and what might this look like?

You can complete the survey by clicking on this link

Safeguarding Adolescents in London – survey for professionals

This survey will be open for three weeks (closing on Friday 31st March 2017) and we encourage responses from professionals involved in, or with an interest in, approaches to safeguarding young people in London across a range of sectors and agencies. Responses will be used to inform a draft chapter on safeguarding adolescents that will be issued for public consultation in the Autumn.

Thank you


Dr Lucie Shuker – On behalf of Dr Carlene Firmin

Senior Research Fellow

The International Centre: Researching  Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking,

University of Bedfordshire.

Tel: 01582 743928 / 07525 616644



Twitter: @uniofbedsCSE

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