A mother tells her story from prison

I have posted clips from Dr Phil before. Some may find them controversial or sensationalist but they certainly show parts of life we might otherwise not know about.

This “exclusive interview with the mother who attempted to kill herself and her autistic daughter”, originally aired September 15th 2014, tells the story of a woman who believed she had a “pretty normal reaction to a really horrifically abnormal situation”. It is hard to disagree that her situation was a terrible one: a daughter who might hit her 50 – 100 times a day, knocked her unconscious at least twice and hospitalised her; requests and plans for help that were turned down or unsuccessful. Dr Phil establishes here the difference between understanding and endorsing. Nevertheless, it remains a deeply troubling clip to watch and one that some will find too disturbing.

I came across the clip via an article in New York Magazine. You might find it easier to read the article first. It also gives links to a blog that Kelli Stapleton authored, commenting on living with a violent child. It is a salutary reminder of the pressures on families living day to day, not only with some particularly violent autistic children but with any violent child. It is a call for more and earlier help that hears, understands and responds to the needs of families.

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