Responding to Child to Parent Violence, “Hope when I had none”

This video of the official launch of the research project based at Brighton University was posted on YouTube on May 9th this year. It’s an hour and a quarter long but worth watching, or dipping into, for a flavour of the project’s aims, the current situation in the partner countries and more detail about the two intervention methods being assessed: Non-violent Resistance and the Break4Change model. The title of the post comes from a parent interviewed for a short film, shown within the video, and certainly the theme of hope is one which comes through strongly throughout.


For specific information:

Detail of the NVR programme from Declan Coogan at 16.06

The situation and current work in Spain at 24.00

How the Bulgarian partnership team came to be involved at 29.40

Current situation in Sweden at 39.15

Michelle Pooley introduces the Break4 Change project at 52.00

Paula Wilcox rounds up the conference and gives details of forthcoming training and conferences, with an invitation to leave contact details as an expression of interest in future events and updates.

* Training in Brighton, May 20th to 23rd on NVR and Break4Change models (see more on events and training page)

* International Conference on Child to Parent Violence and Abuse in Ireland in June 2014, at the National University of Ireland, Galway

* End of Project Conference in Brighton, January 2015


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