Television producers in search of parents

I have been contacted by a representative from a television production company, interested in making a documentary about young children’s violent behaviour – including towards their parents. They would like to speak to parents, from within the UK, with this experience, or those working in the field. At the moment there is no actual scheduled programme and the direction the research goes will determine to which channel it is pitched.

Special Edition Films
are a production company that make documentaries for all the major
broadcasters. Currently we are researching a documentary on parenting in
the UK and are looking to speak with people (off the record) about their
experiences with toddler violence for the BBC. Perhaps a child is
difficult at home and violent at school, or the other way around, or have
become violent since a younger sibling has come into the picture  – we
welcome any and all stories.

We are not looking to film or record anyone at the moment — we just want
to get an idea of what people are experiencing, how and where they find
support, and what the outcome was, so that we can create a film that
properly represents this issue.

I have offered to pass on contact details if anyone would like to take up this offer to raise awareness of the issues around young children’s violent behaviour. Any agreement entered into would then be between you and the television company.

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