There are now a growing number of people and organisations offering consultancy services for practitioners working with families living with violence and abuse from their children. These services complement the awareness and training courses, many of which you will find listed on the Events and Training page. The support is delivered by highly experienced professionals in the field. It is particularly helpful where practitioners are working in isolation, or feel out of their depth. Be aware that there may be a charge for this service.


Capa First Response.

Capa offers a free LIVE 20 minute advice and support session every Friday afternoon, for parents and practitioners. You will need to book by emailing Capa. Details of further consultation services for professionals, including supervision and embedding CPV services into teams, on request. 


Forensic CAMHS service

I blogged about this service in July 2021 and it may be worth considering whether their input would be helpful, particularly in high risk / harm situations. The service is national, and focused on supporting professionals who work with complex cases, and on intervening (ideally at an early stage) to prevent admission to custody or secure hospital. The family may be seen on occasions but this is primarily a consultation service, offering advice to the professional network on how to support the family and manage the risk.



Services offered include consultation and support for those using NVR methods and techniques with children and young people in their home or work environment. 


Partnership Projects

PartnershipProjects is an organisation providing a wide range of specialist services based on Non Violent Resistance (NVR),  for child to parent violence and abuse, self-destructive behaviour, adult entrenched dependency, risk of criminal or sexual exploitation, child- and parent trauma. They provide consultation to professionals, clinical supervision, training and direct client work.  Contact to arrange, or for more information. 



Included in the range of services offered by PEGS is a one hour introduction to child to parent abuse for professionals / organisations. 


Sarah Fisher Coaching

Sarah has developed the Professionals NVR Hub which is open to any professionals working with parents, not only those offering NVR.  Described as “a safe space to get support and help, as well as learn.  It will also give the opportunity to meet others, create collaborations and share your knowledge.” Services include monthly supervision; access to Members Facebook page for help and advice; training and resources.


SEND VCB Community of Practice

Yvonne Newbold, and the Newbold Hope organisation, have a Facebook private community group for those supporting families where young people are using violent, challenging behaviour. “It will enable the sharing of good practice, ideas, concerns and information within a safe and supportive space. It will be moderated by three experienced SEND VCB family members who also have extensive career backgrounds within health, education and social services”.  



Silenced supports professionals and organisations to set up their own CPVA provision and provides consultancy, clinical supervision, 1-1 and group reflective practice supervision.  For more information & costs please contact Silenced for a free consultation of your organisational and/or individual needs.