Operated by Family Lives, offers live online chat, email support or a confidential helpline, for parents experiencing any form of stress or difficulty in their lives. (During the night, calls are redirected to the Samaritans helpline.)

Family Lives website here

telephone: 0808 800 2222


During 2015 a small mapping research project identified 40 separate specialist services around Britain. Some of these have been in existence for several years, some have just begun to run a pilot service with a view to expansion when funding is secured. For a range of reasons, some organisations chose not to be included on the map and so we know that there are others. You can read more about the project here and here, and you can access the map here. This screen shot gives a sense of where the services we located can be found.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.34.40

Around the country different bodies such as the Youth Offending Service, Domestic Violence agencies, or Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service may have developed a specialist approach for families in their area as the need became evident and they can be a good place to start. Often there will be individuals within an agency with specialist knowledge, offering understanding even where there is no bespoke service available.

This information, and that on the list below, is by no means complete and will be added to as new information becomes available. While every effort is made to check out the services listed, please note that some agencies may have been forced to change their service offer since the map was compiled; and inclusion in this directory does not in any way imply endorsement of the service.

Other services include:

Families with young people using drugs or alcohol, who are also violent or abusive, may be able to access support through groups known to Adfam.

Specialist adoption and fostering organisations have built up a knowledge and expertise in this area. Many offer training and some also offer direct help, e.g. PAC-UK, Adoption UK, Coram

Young Minds offers a telephone support service for parents struggling to support a young person’s mental health needs, between the hours of 9.30am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Other local services include the following:


Ormiston Families offer various packages of  support , including the 10-week long Parental Presence programme, introducing the concept of Non Violent Resistance. The programme is intended for parents currently experiencing challenging, disruptive or violent behaviour by their children. Details here.


Getting On, a nine week course for families of children aged 11 to 15, run by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust, in partnership with the Youth Offending Service, and Stronger Families and Safer Communities initiatives. Information here.


S.P.O.T.T. (Support for parents of Troubled Teenagers) was set up in 2013 by two parents who were experiencing difficulties with their teens. The group meets monthly to offer mutual support, advice, information, and practical suggestions around self harm, anger or depression (amongst other issues). Information on the website.


RAADA (Redbridge Action Against Domestic Abuse), Early Intervention Counselling Service

Individual and family counselling


telephone: 07702 288 470

Referrals from agencies or self referral. CAF needed.

Information leaflet here. Referral form here.


Local Women’s Aid services run Choose to Change groups for young people aged 13 to 18.

Contact details are available on the NADA website (Northamptonshire Against Domestic Abuse)

Where the young person remains in the family home, there may be help available through Children’s Services or CAMHS.


Who’s in Charge? groups are running in Suffolk in a number of areas.

For the Ipswich area, contact Carole Williams, Senior Parenting Officer,

For the Sudbury area, contact Cathy Press of Compassion:

There are plans to establish groups in other areas. For up to date details contact Carole Williams via or Cathy Press via



These services have been identified as offering help to families in Wales. The information has been taken from the OxfordAPV site.


North Wales

Area: North Wales (including: Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire YOS, Save the Family, In2Change (substance misuse)

Provider: Protagoras Consultants

Programmes: Changing Places (Healthy Relationships and alternatives to violence)

Boundaries (Sexually Harmful Behaviour)

This programme is designed specifically for YP age 13-19) who are at risk of or are engaging in abuse or violence within their close relationships. The programme includes specific scenarios and application to CPV/APV examples. It also includes tandem workshops for parents in order to start to develop better communication and non abusive ways to manage conflict for the whole family.

Area: Conwy

Provider: Relate Cymru (part of the families first project in Conwy).

Programmes: Under development

Area: Denbighshire

Service: North Denbighshire Domestic Abuse Service
Programme: One to one work with children and young people who acknowledge they are abusive to their parents or others in a close relationship. The model used to support the young people is the Respect toolkit.

Area: Wrexham

Service: Choose to Change (part of Relate Cymru)

Programme: The Changing Places programme

South Wales

Area: Cardiff

Service: Media Academy Cardiff

Programme: The Parallel lives programme


Summary of model of work used: Parallel Lives is a person centred programme that works with young people who have committed adolescent to parent violence and their family members in order to reduce the risk of further violence.

Area: Gwent

Service: Gwent Domestic Abuse Services

Programme: Service offers support to young people that are beginning to show controlling behaviour in their intimate relationships. This incorporates their own intimate relationships as well adolescent to parent violence.



Adapt Scotland offer trauma and attachment based mentoring and therapeutic work for foster and adoptive families, and for professionals.



If you are particularly interested in accessing help using this approach, more information for the UK can be found on the Non Violent Resistance UK website, the NVR Practitioners Consortium, and also through LCT Services in Ireland.



AUSTRALIA: Information can be found on Eddie Gallagher’s website about Who’s in Charge? groups and other programmes. For Breaking the Cycle, in Victoria, see also here.

USA: The Step Up programme has been running very successfully now for many years, initially in Seattle, but now in other states. Information on the King Country website. In Florida, a number of separate groups of people have been involved in developing services. See The Morning After Centre, Breaking the Cycle Consulting.



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